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Laser War How To Guides - Scenarios

There are many games you can play with Laser War equipment. When hiring our gear, all games below come pre-loaded on the tablet provided. It's as simple as selecting which game you want to play! You can alter the parameters if playing a variant. 

Select the tiles below to check out our "How To" guides. They give you all the information you need - explaining the objectives, setup and rules in a convenient and simple manner. 

Team Death Match

Team Death Match is the traditional laser tag game where the objective is to defeat the other team. 

Typically, this is played with 2 teams pitted against each other but can have up to 4.

Capture the Base

Capture the Base has 2 teams – 1 defending the Base, the other trying to attack and capture it.

This Defending Team has additional roles; Sniper, Attackers, Doctor. (Look out for the Sniper- they're deadly!) The Attacking Team has standard players attacking the Base.

Domination Checkpoint

The objective of Domination Checkpoint is to dominate the other team over the capture and control of a Checkpoint.

Zombie Apocalypse

The objective of Zombie Apocalypse is to save the world from the Zombie Apocalypse.

The Humans need to take out the Zombies before they infect others – who are then able to infect other uninfected Humans.

Capture the Flag

The objective of Capture the Flag speaks for itself! Each team must capture their flag from the opposition’s base and return it safely to their own while also protecting the opposition’s flag from being taken.

Domination Death Match

Like Domination, the objective of Domination Death Match is to have control of the Domination Check Point at the end of 10 minutes – however as with Death Match there is no respawning. If you’re hit, you’re out.


The objective of Juggernaut is for the Hunting Team to eliminate the Juggernaut(s) before the end of the game. 

Zombies v Vampires

The objective of Zombies v Vampires is to transform the other team into your team. When you eliminate a player from the opposite team, they are reborn as a member of your team. The team that overruns the other wins. 

Battle Royale

The objective of Battle Royale is to stay alive and eliminate as many others as you can along the way. To win - just stay alive. Last person standing wins! 

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