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Safety Playing Laser Tag

Laser Tag, like all sports, provides many benefits such as health, fitness, wellbeing and builds confidence, team-work and problem solving skills. 

Best of all, it’s just great fun!

But like netball, football or soccer, it does have inherent safety risks. Laser War Australia provides the following information to help in reducing the likelihood of an injury while using our gear. Kids under 14 should be supervised at all times. 

Click here for our Risk Assessment

Laser War Golden Rules

1.Use the equipment only for its intended purpose.

2. Follow the rules and instructions – do not hide or move devices such as

Respawning Devices unless it is part of the game.

3. Stick within the boundaries. This may change from game to game.

4. Do not climb any fixture, tree or building. Laser tag should be played from the ground.

5. No contact! Maintain a minimum of 1.5 metres away from your opposition. You

don’t need to get closer.

6. Avoid running – it increases the risk of tripping and falling.

7. Do not submerge any of the equipment in water. Playing in light rain is fine,

however, the equipment is not able to be submerged.

8.Have fun!

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