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Laser War Hire Packages

Hire out Laser War Australia equipment for your party, Corporate Team Building day or just for fun!

6 Tagger Pack - $250.00 for 24 hours


  • 6 taggers - Phoenix (Suitable for 6 and up) and headsets
  • 2x Standard Checkpoints
  • 2x Basic First Aid Kits
  • Remote Unit - Nano
  • All charging cables

12 Tagger Pack - $450.00 for 24 hours

This package includes;

  • 12 taggers - 7x Phoenix (Suitable for 6 and up); 5x Predators (Suitable for 9 and up)
  • Router
  • 1x Smart Checkpoint
  • 2x Command Posts
  • 2x Basic First Aid Kits
  • Router
  • Tablet for quick configuration, statistics and game change

Periphery Devices (Hire prices are shown)

Smart Remote - Pro



Basic First Aid Kit



Smart Checkpoint

Standing at 68cm tall, the Smart Checkpoint is a key piece of kit to be used in various scenarios such as; 

Control Point Capture

Battlefield Point

Command Centre

Digital LED display, digital sound. 

8 hours run time from charge. 

See the video here!


RGB Target

Practice your aim with these targets.

15 hours run time from charge.

See the video here!


Crater Bomb

8 hours run time from full charge

See the video here!


Hostage Pro Kit

Used for the Hostage scenario, this vest has 8 defeat sensors. The aim of the scenario is to protect the wearer at all costs and get them back to base.  

12 hours run time from charge. 

See the video here!


Check Point - Standard

Used for a range of games, 1 comes standard with each set. 

24 hours charge time. 

See the video here!


Command Post

A super versatile piece of kit. The Command Post is used in scenarios such as; 

Capture the Base


The Command Post can also be used as a Medic box. 

24 hours run time from charge. 

Watch the video here!


Smart Remote - Nano

This remote allows you to alter 14 of the most used commands from a remote. 

Helpful where multiple setups or games are being played. 


Quick Quotes

Get in touch for a quote for your Laser War event!

Fully Customisable Hire Packages

Order the equipment you need to suit your event's needs. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We 100% guarantee all our gear. It's built tough and uses quality components. 

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