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About Laser Tag

Laser tag is a sport that began in the late 1970's on the back of Star Wars and Star Trek movies. It has since gone from strength to strength as technology has improved including the electronics, optics and materials. Laser tag uses infrared emitting signals much like your remote control embedded with information that is picked up by sensors on another person. 

It is a completely safe and fun activity which is why it has grown to the popularity levels we see today.  

Benefits of Laser Tag

  • It's fun. It's just such great fun and easy to play!
  • It's suitable for all fitness and experience levels.
  • Unlimited players. You just need 2+ people and you're away!
  • Suitable for all ages. (Nearly!) From age 6 up. The whole family can play and get involved.
  • It develops team work, communication and leadership skills.
  • Nothing to purchase- you don't need paint balls or air canisters. You just turn them on and play all day!
  • Multiple scenarios to play. It's hard to get bored with so many ways to play. 

Laser War Australia

Laser War is renowned as the global leader in laser tagging technologies supplying 10's of thousands of units to over 55 different countries. 

Laser War Australia is the exclusive supplier and distributor for Laser War products across Australia, providing high quality service to the laser tagging industry here in Oz.

We also supply hire equipment for use in the DIY Laser Tagging industry, with the ability to send hire packages all over Australia.  

If you have any questions, then please get in touch at 

Check out Laser War products here Laser War Information Video

Dedicated to quality

Laser War uses the strongest military strength plastics, triple varnished electronics and only the highest quality components to ensure your equipment give you maximum game time! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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